Caravan BA / Hostel Boutique, opened in March 2017 (a dream long in the making) thanks to the vision of Dani, Guido, Fer and Vivi, a family with a wanderlust spirit.

Caravan BA flourished for three intense and beautiful years. Many travelers have passed through the house, many have become friends and many others, family. Everything was happiness, experiences and learning, until March 2020 when, for reasons of public knowledge, with total sadness, Caravan BA closed its doors.


During the last three years, we transformed ourselves; we gained experience, had new ideas, and chose to explore different paths.

Gui continues to fulfill his dreams and is fully dedicated to traveling with his dogs (Timón, Pumba and Barú) but his simplicity, warmth and traveling spirit, will always have a huge place in the house.

Fer, continues in his advisor role, business coach and mainly, dad.

Vivi, mom, the most creative. Our artist, the one who deals with design, art and the garden.

Dani, who moved to the beach during the pandemic, returned to Buenos Aires, full of energy, transmuting everything lived, and creating Casa Caravan / a plant based home – one of the greatest dreams of her life. Together, we created Casa Caravan, a plant-based home.

casa caravan a plant-based home

We offer a unique lodging in Buenos Aires. We have combined the passions that move us forward: travelling and environmental awareness. A space where these different energies coexist and achieve the same thing: the feeling of being at home.

We do not seek to define ourselves as a hotel, nor as a hostel, we are HOME. We want your stay in Buenos Aires to be comfortable, safe and happy. From our place, we propose to always relate to each other with kindness, warmth and empathy. We want you to get to know places, our culture, new people and, why not, get to know yourself a little better.

At Casa Caravan we have a strong commitment to the environment and our proposal is “plant-based”. Why? Because, although we are in the heart of Palermo, in the middle of the city, we know that we are part of nature. Every animal, every plant, every ocean wave and every human being is connected. We are part of the same, part of something much bigger than what we can understand. That union is what we want to transmit and spread.

We want to share our own view of the world always from a place of love and non-judgment, hoping that you will be inspired in some way by our love for nature; our source of inspiration and grounding force. What nourishes us literally and emotionally. A deep and sincere relationship. With the sea, the animals, the plants.


Our commitment and care for the environment, animals and our plant-based philosophy are born from a place of deep awareness and choice. Why do we care so much about the environment? Because we are convinced that if we want to see a change in the world, it has to start with us.

We want to clarify that we cannot do everything 100% sustainably, but we are trying our best and our conviction and our efforts are in that direction.

  • Reuse, recycle and separation of waste.
  • Compost to give life back to the "garbage".
  • Orchard and fruit trees that we use in our breakfasts.
  • Delicious, healthy and plant-based breakfasts.
  • Complimentary ecological shampoo, conditioner and soaps in reusable containers.
  • We do not sell anything in plastic and we try to use as little as possible.
  • Bicycle rental.
  • We work with brands that share our philosophy.
  • Conscious workshops.
  • We love dogs, but Indio lives in the house, so to avoid any inconvenience, we do not accept other pets. We apologize for that in advance!





hotel • co-work • shala

We’ve created new spaces where we seek to infuse your trip with local life. We believe in the richness of finding our own essence, and from there opening ourselves to the world and to others in order to connect, share and celebrate in a genuine way. Many of the spaces in the house are shared: the pool, the garden, the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. You will be able to have moments of deep silence, but also to talk and exchange experiences with people from all over the world. With your reservation you also have access to yoga classes, to the lounge when it is available and to the co-working space.

We really want Casa Caravan not only to be a house for travelers, but also to be opened to neighbors, friends and family. Therefore, our proposal is not only for accommodation; it is also open for you to come and spend the day or take one of our classes or workshops in our yoga room (Maitri – maitri.com.ar).


Our work, committed, constant and from the heart, has its rewards.

We are very grateful because these recognitions were given to us thanks to your comments! We are blessed to be able to work on something we love.

you can stay

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you can spend the day

in our co-working

you can connect with yourself

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