maitrī (Sanskrit)

– Its English translation would be unconditional love for who you are.


We call it “Espacio de enraizamiento” which means: grounding space. I believe that one of the keys for connection with ourselves is to be in connection with mother Earth and nature.

Yoga shala & wellness activities.

In order to grow upward, we need strong roots downward first. We want to accompany you to reach both spaces of consciousness with different methods.

My dream is that Maitri will be a magical place where we encounter both one another’s souls and our own. I would love for you to leave the shala with a spark lit, with the feeling of something beautiful.
Something that begins to transform, to mutate, to change.”

Shala is located at Casa Caravan, a hotel created to be a home in Buenos Aires for people who travel from all over the world. My dream: inside Maitri we stop looking outside, and start the journey inwards.